Friday, 21 August 2009

Kenny Frankland "Lion's Den" (The Nextmen, Ms Dynamite & Andy Cato)

It pays to fail to pay attention to essentials of a commission. I've messed up big time in exams that way, Kenny Frankland finds inspiration. Misreading the track he was to animate for The Nextmen, featuring the considerable vocal talents of Ms Dynamite, Kenny misread Lion’s Den as Lionel’s Den. This led to the idea behind Lion’s Den an anime inspired action movie in which animated versions of the duo, Dominic Betmead and Brad Ellis, Ms Dynamite and Andy Cato (Groove Armada) take on a suitably motley crew - though not as motley as those the animator created for All Hell Is Breaking Loose featured here a year or so ago. "I watched lots of Anime for inspiration and then came up with the story of them storming the wrong building." What one discovers in the music video is I suppose the usual mix of aerial kung fu, manipulation of swords and flashing lights, expertly done and interspersed with the band doing their thing whilst their alter egos destroy their opponents with some ease. I have to confess to a certain need for light relief in such warrior movies and Kenny provides it with the temptations of the take-away, problems with traffic wardens, his double yellow lines and the fact that the uniformed one turns green - I've suspected this of the breed for years. And, of course, there's the realisation that our heroes have beaten up the wrong guys and wrecked the joint. Kenny is a master of his art. Whilst the brash boasting of the lyrics dictates the general theme and style, the animator delivers a crisply drawn piece made in only five weeks with some help from Pat Davies, a friend of Kenny, who helped with the street and buildings. I'm always interested in the software and techniques so asked the question: "I produced the animation using 3DS MAX for modelling, animation and rendering, Photoshop for textures and then composited shots using After Effects. The final video was edited using Premiere Pro." I have remarked before about the work the music industry creates for animators. Five weeks is no time at all for an energetic piece of this quality. Give the stills a click and see what I mean. I guess the band were impressed with their computerised selves.


andrew405 said...

Thank you for the good review. Cool anime!!! I necessarily will watch this anime movie. :)

Louis said...

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