Saturday, 22 August 2009

Osamu Tezuka "Push" (1987)

Driving through rough terrain in his armed jeep, the hero of Osamu Tezuka's classic Push feels in need of a cooling drink. No problem. A short halt at the appropriate giant automated dispensing machine, seemingly marooned in a desert but nevertheless capable of delivering the the goods. Thirst quenched for the moment at the press of a button, the driver moves on to ever bigger demands of the dispensing machines that themselves appear ever more grandiose. Clothes, car and pets are delivered with a buzz of the motors and out of the hatch. It is the machine that says, "Thank you very much." Never the man. He only has to hand over his old items in this ultimate disposable society in which nothing whatsoever is asked of mankind. Of course, thirsts are never truly quenched and eventually, striding through the pearly gates, our guy requests the ultimate of God, more an order really. Is God going to oblige? Made only two years before his death from stomach cancer, Osamu's vision of our world is not a happy one though it may be a true reflection. Indisputably one of the great animators. Required viewing. Next time a whole item is scrapped due to the failure of a minor component, think of this cartoon.

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