Friday, 18 September 2009

Branchage International Film Festival, Jersey 2009

Some of my favourite movies are due to be shown (and film-makers present) at Jersey’s second Branchage International Film Festival 2009 on October 1st-4th. Jersey is a wonderful island - several holidays there so I'm an absolute expert! This year has a strong animation theme with names familiar to regular readers of the Animation Blog. Max Hattler is having a retrospective, which is a remarkable thing for one so young - but talented. Aardman Studios' Richard Goleszowski is holding a Shaun the Sheep master class at the Town Hall at Saturday 3rd October where the secrets of the art will doubtless be revealed. There's a feature film from Ireland I have still not seen, Secret of Kells directed by two of the best around, Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey. And still more Ani-magica evening, with a selection of Lotte Reineger’s classic short films with live musical accompaniment from Icelandic band Amiina, plus a performance of hand-drawn marionettes from the performance company Paper Cinema. For more information go here.

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