Wednesday, 23 September 2009

"Circus Zoetrope" (Temperley) Greg Brunkalla, Georgie Greville & Geremy Jasper (2009)

Circus Zoetrope is unusual and exceedingly stylish. We are in a projection room and focus on the partly illuminated, cylindrical surface of a zoetrope. The camera glides over the painted projector in loving manner. It is like some ancient fairground carousel, varnished and treasured as a family heirloom. Cogs whir, wheels turn and the showgirls parade for our delight and edification on the screen, their images also on the machine itself. A zoetrope is a rotating device designed to allow still images the illusion of movement. It may look like an antique but the zoetrope was specially made for a fashion house/ website not to mention the stop motion/ live action film itself. The video was directed by Greg Brunkalla, Georgie Greville and Geremy Jasper for Legs and their parent, Milk Studios whilst the machine was unveiled last week at New York's Fashion Week. The zoetrope is now in London in readiness for the city's Fashion Week. How it was created and the myriad credits - the ten tiered construction being a major engineering project in itself - is available here with an interactive web page set up for the clients Temperley where the girls bang their drums, crack their whips and other nice things. The guys who actually made the beast need a mention - Jeff Everett and Irfan Akdag. A truly classy piece then as befits a fashion house. I have included some stills from the set including Greg's original watercolour of the beast below. As ever, the limitations of Blogger's images are such that a click is needed to fully experience the delights. There is also a high quality download (42mb) available. All this and no mention of the music. The credits mention Pavov Stelar though it seems authentically vintage to me. It sort of keeps humming in my head.

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