Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dan Grover and Matthew Beech "Static" (2009)

Static is another 3D piece from two students from the University of Hertfordshire, Dan Grover and Matthew Beech, with a rather suitably tense soundtrack from Jack Coventry who himself obtained his degree (Music Technology) from the same university. Dan and Matthew obtained 2nd place in the final year 3D category at the university's Animation Exposé. The plot is difficult to explain, owing as much to atmosphere generated as logical storyline. Essentially a guy returns to a rather decrepit apartment to discover all manner of weird things are occurring. Treading on a rubber squirrel has its repercussions as does the mousetrap that threatens to bite back. Not exactly a frightener, more unsettling as he tours the house in pursuit of I'm not sure what. The escape from it all photograph gives a clue and we do break away from the dingy confines of the real world for a spot of luxury. The settings are so real one can almost reach out and touch them, as a click on any of the HQ images here will testify. There is a texture to the floorboards, for example, that is tangible, though this clashes a tad with the guy himself who I would have liked to see rendered in line with the quite remarkable work elsewhere. Students at Herfordshire do obtain a thorough grounding though.

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