Wednesday, 23 September 2009

David Mahler "All The Jokes Are On Me" (Firefly Effect 2009)

I'm overdue on the music video front so here's a new band, Firefly Effect from Norway, and an animator new to me, David Mahler. All The Jokes Are On Me represents four months of hard work, and some 1,640 hand drawn and water coloured frames. It follows the lyrics in that a rather pensive individual is brought out of his shell by the smiles and antics of his girl who dons false nose, generally exuding an air of cheeriness. There is one muscle in the human face for every week in the year and at times David captures the movements wonderfully well. I guess the drawings were based on snapshots strung together but whatever the technique the effect is quite different to rotoscoping, particularly given the refreshing use of colour as the video progresses. I found myself cheered by it all. Must be good because I'm a grumpy individual.

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