Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Géza M. Tóth "Ikarosz" (1996)

Icarus is a sand animation telling the story of the man who dared to do what only the Gods and birds can. Set appropriately enough on a beach where the shells and fossils of the sea are wafted over by the sea, a figure is gradually revealed, intricately made up of a mosaic-like construction of cones, spirals, flotsam and jetson from the ocean. His attempt at flight is unsuccessful and Icarus falls down to the sea only for the remains to be washed clean by the waves, the hand a stark contour on the beach. The figure reforms and attempts to fly, to plummet to the rocks, to lie stricken, tragic and hauntingly beautiful on the shoreline. The photography from George Varda and exceptional music from Aurel Hollo make this a memorable graduation movie. The movement of the waves, footprints in the sand and bleached driftwood are evocative. Here Géza M. Tóth harnesses that eternal beauty, and immortalises man's struggle in his retelling of the ancient myth. The much travelled Géza has worked in a number of university departments in Europe and Asia. He came to prominence with his excellent Oscar nominated short, Maestro and is the founder of Hungary’s KEDD Animation Studio, whose website pays testimony to the talented collection of directors in the stable as well as a variety of work.

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Pan Szyszek said...

Very good film, and this music is amazing.