Wednesday, 9 September 2009

"Inka Bola" & "Un tour de manège" (Gobelins 2009)

This year's crop of Gobelins graduation movies was released in July. Inka Bola is set on an impossibly high tower somewhere in the Andes where a guard watches over a rather naughty Maya child. He is roused from his slumbers by fruit hitting his head. That dealt with he has to attend to another problem when a prowling eagle takes a shine to the boy. The film develops into a classic chase sequence with a darkly humorous conclusion, apt given the fruit throwing episode. Technically and visually compelling, and slickly edited as always, it is quintessential Gobelins. In contrast to some other universities I know, Gobelins has the students work in teams, as near to the world of work as is possible I guess. Mélody Cisinski, Jacques Jarczyk, Vincent Garcia, Floriane Marchix, Gwénolé Oul'chen and Patrick Pujalte were responsible and the world beckons given their talent. The storyline is not so distinctive though the execution is of the highest order, as may be judged from the making of movie. Un tour de manège is, I suppose, a more imaginative affair. In the softest of focus, resplendent in the pale pinks and blues of a young girl's bedroom, the translucent, simply drawn action centres on a young girl playing on a fairground carousel who becomes separated from her mother in the ocean of life where other carousels abound, inhabited by boys with wolves and there are whirlpools to circumnavigate with the assistance of fluttered insects. Will mother rescue the child? Nothing whatsoever of a chase scene here just allegorical sweetness. De Nicolas Athane, Brice Chevillard, Alexis Liddell, Françoise Losito and Mai Nguyen conjure up their soothing magic and maybe, just maybe, in the hands of another writer, that whirlpool might have had its wicked way with the child, the mother leaping to fight the raging torrent to rescue the girl. But what do I know. Un tour de manège is a most unusual movie with a gentleness, assured use of light and a most imaginative setting. Two more tomorrow.

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