Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ivan Rusev "Grey" (2005)

I wrote yesterday of my willingness to introduce colour via the blog. So here’s Grey. It is one of those bad days when everything goes wrong. Lady stands at the bus stop and waits for the bus that sails past her. The empty vehicle promptly stops at the stop beyond the woman who just manages to reach it before the driver, her image firmly in the rear view mirror, steps on the gas and away. Woman falls flat on her face, another posturing character arrives, woman recovers, looks in her handbag to discover her eggs have broken. A woman with her eggs broken is a sad affair but don't expect too much in terms of consolation even with the arrival of a chicken. Characters do pair off in the drama albeit in nefarious ways. Chicken lovers are warned off. Ivan Rusev was featured here in April for his satire, Yellow. Grey is in the same mould: ordinary people, bored, indifferent, given to rages, casual cruelties, affairs. I like Ivan's style of work, his anarchic view of the world. He graduated from Sofia's National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in 2001.

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