Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Jeff Scher "Summer Retreat" (2009)

Entirely apt given my return to the paid job, Jeff Scher's seasonal reflection, Summer Retreat, manages to convey that beauty and sadness so tangled up in the demise of summer, or certainly the appreciation that summer's power is on the wane. I have written a number of times on Jeff's technique and also of his skill with the written word. His essay for The New York Times acts a foil for the animation. Just hold onto the recliner for a moment or two and reflect a while on the beauty of Shay Lynch’s score whilst the apposite, colourful images capture the moments so well. Jeff is such a nice guy. His writing says more than I am able about the piece but two observations. First, summer may be retreating but the autumnal pleasures are undeniable and this is such a fresh piece of work. In contrast to Jeff's view of the city, my return to work is not entirely monochromatic. The Animation Blog will provide colour in spades.

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FLYP did a pretty neat piece on Scher- though you may enjoy: