Tuesday, 15 September 2009

"Love Recipe" (Supinfocom Arles 2008)

The blog’s becoming too esoteric. A love interest is called for. Love Recipe is just the tonic. Supinfocom Arles' Felipe Pizarro, Frédéric Bajou, Morgan Bourdon, Jiun Yiing Mow and Loïc Paoli present a delicious confection set in the 1960s where, to celebrate their anniversary, man and wife make separate preparations for love, she in boudoir and he in kitchen. Nothing can possibly disturb their romantic plans unless it is that pesky dog, looking like a pampered refugee from Bambi. Genuinely funny with that adept mastery of 3D one has come to expect from Supinfocom students, the keys to its success are the clever parallels running throughout the movie in which the actions of our voluptuous lady are mirrored by those of her spouse toiling away to make the perfect heart shaped cake. The music is extravagantly good for a student production, composed and orchestrated by Mathieu Alvado, played by the lush strings and things of the magnificent Star Pop Orchestra, the overall sound produced by Arnaud Marten. The colour scheme's great if you like pink and there's lots of clever touches like the running gag of the delicate glass figures and the bouncing ball; I earnestly yearned for the darn things to get clattered to shards.

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