Sunday, 13 September 2009

Marc Craste "Stuck on a Sunday" (2009)

Stuck on a Sunday (via Studio Aka) is an unusual commission for the Royal Opera House in conjunction with the Opera Genesis Workshops. Personally I prefer Saturdays because I have two days off work but Marc Craste's new movie, an animated opera no less, envisages a world where it is perpetual Sunday until an interloper causes problems. Marc is one of the foremost and most commercial of the UK's directors. Here he has the considerable blessing of Marc Teitler's music that moves effortlessly from exuberant tango to more pensive mood. Marc (Craste) responds in similar fashion, his beast ecstatic one moment, crestfallen the next, though the suggestions of malevolence are there I feel. The operatic qualities are revealed in the creature revelling in what appears an empty house, cavorting over the stairways, dancing through coloured floods of stage lights, baying at the moon. Usually I present full movies. Unfortunately the full video has not been released though it is promised for the web. So this is a taster to set the digestive juices a-tingling. The script has been written by Timothy Walker and Jason Morell. The excellent gallery for Studio Aka needs a little negotiation, Stuck on a Sunday being found in the News section where the black and white and hairy figure sort of looms out at you. I've had a few computer problems this weekend to account for the paucity of posts!

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Das Brick said...

WOW! Thanks so much for the heads up! I love Marc Craste's work and this looks like his best yet... I can't wait to see the whole thing!