Sunday, 27 September 2009

Nicole Mitchell "Zoologic" (2007)

Sometimes a movie just hits the spot. To judge by the number of YouTube hits, Zoologic is one such. Hand drawn with an easy style and restrained colouring, the five minute piece is the work of California Institute of the Arts student, Nicole Mitchell. It concerns an overly fussy zookeeper who attempts to impose a conformity on the asymmetrical world of animals: creatures that are upside down are righted, birds on two legs wrestled onto one and the cutest of cute red babies, the apple of its gorilla mummy's eye, is unceremoniously dumped in the bin. With a clump. When the keeper picks on a diminutive penguin who dreams of Hawaii, the worms turn. The keeper has his own diminutive secrets revealed much to his embarrassment. In short, a very funny cartoon, Nicole having a cartoonist's eye for humour, sustaining the pace and timing of the cartoon throughout, exploiting the situation for all it is worth. So gratifying to see a bully exposed, his face the colour of a flamingo's plumage.

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Marjolaine said...

I really loved this short... Do you know if she has a blog..? I cannont find it anywhere..