Thursday, 17 September 2009

"Powerless" James Pavitt, Mathew Galley & Satwinder Dhariwal (2009)

All university departments have their showpiece competitions to go with their graduation ceremonies. In the case of the University of Hertfordshire it was 2009 Digital Animation Exposé held in June. The winner of both the 3D and Audience Choice awards was Powerless produced by James Pavitt, Mathew Galley and Satwinder Dhariwal. The story concerns a worn out inventor's attempts to embue life into a robot. Given some unexpected and supernatural assistance the robot walks. I have had a few criticisms levelled at the blog for the lack of 3D work featured though I am doing my best. 3D in spades here. Powerless succeeds not so much for its storyline but for the atmosphere it achieves. The interior and exterior environments are spectacular and painstaking in their detail, the character modelling and animation first rate. The progress towards the completed movie may be seen on the film's blog. Sometimes the detail in the images I place on the blog are not what I would desire but here, more than most, I urge readers to click on the images for a full appreciation. Herfordshire has a very strong teaching team though sometimes, as in this instance, the essentials of a team that works together are just as important as the technical and artistic abilities.

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