Friday, 4 September 2009

Rozalia Zelma (5) "Boy and Girl" (1978)

Boy and Girl is a beautifully drawn and classically made film offered as a lesson in how fine an animation can be. In fact it is part of an incomplete series of posts on the Russian director Rozalia Zelma, belatedly continued after a comment on one of my reviews triggered a realisation that I had not finished. Rozalia traces the social and chronological development of a young girl and her relationship with the opposite sex. It is both funny and romantic. The child constructs her sandcastle, dreams of fairy castles and the young thug celebrates her achievement by stamping the thing to granules. An inflatable and much loved dolphin is summarily misappropriated whilst a beachball .... The piece is conventionally structured, the rolling waves signalling the passage of time, the facial expressions expressively conceived, the ages subtly altering. Some of the more lyrical moments, as the girl performs gymnastics with the ball or swims in the sea, are sumptuous particularly accentuated by the lush music. I am also unable to ignore the wisdom of the thing - boys and girls are like this - and they still come back for more! Rosalia Zelma is still not recognised enough. The normally reliable BFI database contains little information about this wonderful director and, indeed, the few web references to her, other than a filmography, are to my own blog. This is only partially explained by my spelling using a "z" for "s". For the record I have included two photographs of a director who is a master of her art with an exquisite touch.


Kristy said...

thanks so much for this post introducing me to Zelma's work. Her illustrations alone as still frames are gorgeous and the personality that is injected into the characters with her animation is simply amazing. Reminds you of the true magic of animation and how beautiful it can be.

Anonymous said...

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