Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Rozalia Zelma (6) "Female Astrology" (1991)

A slight delay in putting together the Gobelins reviews promised allows me to continue my collection of musings on the great Russian director, Rozalia Zelma. Made in 1991, Female Astrology is in quite a different style to anything featured here by Rozalia. The theme of the seven minute film is of the challenges women and indeed men face when their youthful love is challenged by the exigencies of everyday life and time. Set in space where planets, asteroids and satellites are in constant motion, life whisks the young mother from her ardour to more dour pursuits of child rearing and cooking vegetables in a vaporous kitchen. She is as surprised as her partner to gaze in the mirror and discover the taut skin is now haggard and slack. Humour abounds, tempered by a grim appreciation of verisimilitude as the virile husband turns to, at various times, drink and gym whilst mum discovers fur coats, make-up and education in a desperate attempt to decelerate the planetary course. Wittily scripted by the prolific scriptwriter and occasional director, Irina Margolina, Rozalia employs a more sketchy, representational style of art using the talents of Tatyana Abalakina and Michael Zaitsev in a very funny, thought-provoking film demonstrating the breadth of her talent.

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