Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sarah Van Den Boom "The Skeleton Woman" (La Femme-Squelette 2009)

I am often asked about my favourite animator. Impossible to answer to be honest but Sarah Van Den Boom is very much on the shortlist. Sarah is a natural artist and I am slightly in awe of her talent. I thought I should give a heads up for her new website and the trailer for her new film, The Skeleton Woman, due to be launched at the 23rd Leeds International Film Festival on 4th – 22nd November 2009. (Two heads up then.) Sarah's provides her own synopsis: "Tired and bored by her graceless daily life, a young housewife mourns her lost American lover and dreams of a better life, elsewhere. Inside her, the skeleton woman, hidden into the dark, is waiting to be saved." Intriguingly for me, Sarah's idea came from the Inuit tale of the same name, and featured in another memorable film, Norah Twomey's moving (and terrifying) From Darkness (viewed here). Back to Sarah. I am promised a copy of the film and will give my considered verdict at the time of the festival. In the meantime explore her site. Sarah's portraiture, for example, is as good as it gets.

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