Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Selina Wagner "Bonnie’s Tale"

Bonnie’s Tale is a short campaigning animation made for Advocates for Animals. It highlights in a sentimental yet hard-hitting fashion the situation off the Scottish coast in which seals are slaughtered by the fishing industry for the damage they are perceived to do to fish stocks. Selina Wagner has a hand painted look to her work that captures the appeal of the animal well. The voice of Fiver himself, Watership Down's, Richard Briers narrates the sad tale. Visitors to the website (via the link) are asked to sign a petition, the arguments presented succinctly in The Scotsman. Selina has been highly praised by me before, her talents as an artist are formidable. Her website has her work available with a wide range, from promotional video for SMG Business Solutions to some technically correct, as in anatomical, work for Breast Cancer Care. There is also a chance to see some of her full movies if you have missed my whole-hearted recommendations over the years. Whatever, sign the petition.

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