Saturday, 24 October 2009

Alina Constantin "Shrug" (2009)

Shrug by Alina Constantin is an unusually gentle film in which a race of shore/cave dwellers go about their business even as the oceans rise steadily upwards and they are forced to climb ever higher to survive. When the pressures become too great for the featured family they adapt in a manner that is a breeze in a world of animation. If the subject matter is allowed to develop at an easy pace - no raging storms here - the water colour, washed out look (After Effects) of the coastland and the people themselves is equally gentle on the eye, allied to a soundtrack from Birgit Berg that I might just use, alongside the sound of the sea, to lull myself into a happy state on a bad day. Alina has an international background having originally attended school in the USA and Paris, taken a Diploma in Animation at ESAAT Robaix, then from there to Norway's Høgskulen i Volda for a Bachelor in Animation, for which Shrug was her graduation film. She is also a Belgian national and resides in France. I always add a label for the post stating the nationality of the animator. Difficult here.


Anonymous said...

Alina Constantin is romanian.

Ian Lumsden said...

Thanks for that. I did indicate there was a difficulty with nationality.

Alina said...

Thanks Ian for such a kind post.
I am indeed belgian national, but living in Denmark. for the anonym comment, if my name seems romanian, it is because my father is from romania :) So much for geography.. Shrug greetings, Alina C.