Monday, 5 October 2009

‘All Together Now’ Nexus/ IOC (2009)

Two years ago I wrote about a stylish piece concerning a dancer of the Tango, En Tus Brazos (2005) made by three students from the much praised Supinfocom Valenciennes. Two of the trio responsible for that piece, François-Xavier Goby and Matthieu Landour, (Fx & Mat) now work for a top company, London’s Nexus Productions. It is a mark of the trust the studio places in the pair that they were given the commission from the International Olympic Committee for a promotional video, All Together Now. It does what the best animation is capable of, creating a sense of awe as normality is transformed into the extraordinary and spectacular. Six supreme athletes from different nations, giants in their own right, strain every sinew to pull the world together for the Olympic Games. So literally these supermen and women are giants engaging in a tug of war with whole continents at the end of their rope, towering over mountains, skyscrapers, Lilliputians, heads in the clouds. And so nice to see a London bus though it nearly gets squashed. The newcomers haul in the medals for Nexus and the IOC gets a video championing the Olympic spirit of togetherness. There is also a making of video available which I always find interesting and the guys have published images on their website, the one below lifted to show the process.

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