Saturday, 17 October 2009

Anthony F. Schepperd "Wail To God" (Ape School 2009)

Philadelphia based Anthony F. Schepperd has created a Flash animation to savour in Wail To God a music video for Ape School. To say it is unrestrained is an understatement as ape boy lusts after the ladies with a fervour that eats him up. A gentle cuffing from the cops is no deterrent. As has been noted in various reviews already, Anthony is decidedly in the Bill Plympton school of elasticity as faces are stretched to toffee though I doubt if Bill used the palette quite so explosively or liberally as here. The comic book, psychedelic trip is fabulous from the moment our commuter lurches to a halt and lets his demons out in spectacular fashion; logging on to Vimeo and their HD Channel it was as if the piece were a personal ad for the channel, let alone the band. How lucky they were to have such an extravagant promotion for an undoubtedly fine song that will find its way to my iPod along with yesterday's offering. And for those boob lovers out there, prepare to be submerged in a mountain of the things. Or rather, mountains.

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