Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ben Harper & Sean Mullen "Blip" (2008)

The Irish School of Animation at Ballyfermot College of Further Education has so far not featured on the Animation Blog. So here is Blip, a struggle between the reds and the blues. Red has most everything to himself on his colourful planet. A beamed down Alien, he proceeds to zap everything to his colour, only pausing for thought when objects appear that are blue - some interloper is undoing his good work (or her good work, the animation not exploring that particular territory). A bit of zapping and counter zapping occurs before a compromise is found that I should have seen coming and didn’t. Ben Harper and Sean Mullen present a world of rounded or angular colour, their 3D creations more blob than chiselled out characters and yet, in their hands, the personality shines through, the look of consternation on red blob’s face as he realises he has competition, the panic of blue blob as he frantically charges round zapping everything in sight chased by his correcting foe, the grand shoot-out. I like the digital landscape in which everything is set and, a vital feature in film-making, the pace and timing. Good to see that so many viewers of Vimeo have enjoyed it all. I understand that the pair are hoping to develop the characters in a series for children.

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