Monday, 12 October 2009

Galina Shakitskaya "Night on Bald Mountain" (1998)

The nearest comparison I might make to today's movie, Night on Bald Mountain, is the Disney classic, Fantasia. Director Galina Shakitskaya uses the music of Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky to support a fantasy in which a girl and lamb are transported into the heavens (the mountain) to cavort with the black horses, assorted nymphs and devils all assembled for a spot of mischief. Not that anything dreadful happens, the ghouls providing an opportunity for spectacular parades across the skies. Whereas the devil does appear the overall lightness of touch as the child weaves in and out of parading citizens of Mordor or cavorts with the spirits overrides any dark undertones. The movie has received little exposure other than via YouTuber and Canadian blogger niffiwan. Even judged by its contemporaries it failed to obtain reward - 4th Open Russian Festival of Animated Film. I viewed it primarily out of curiosity, the YouTube link suggesting it was one of a dying breed from the once great Soyuzmultfilm studio. What I discover is a stirring film, with the music I find so recognisable envigorating the dazzling skyscapes as clouds morph into wondrous beings, dark horses, manes flailing, trek through the heavens, white fluffy characters gleeful in their flight ride atop a collection of birds and beasts, or a huge benign woman wraps up her charge on a floating cloud for a bed. I just wonder how this might have been judged if it had emerged from one of the western studios. I also lament the demise of the great Soviet studio that gave us so much.

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