Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ingo Schiller & Stephan Müller "Der Bettnässer" (The Bed-Wetter 2007)

Ingo Schiller and Stephan Müller spent three months making their stop motion,The Bed-Wetter, a day in the life of Berd, a crazy guy with a moustache. They used themselves, girlfriends, brother, friends and even ma and pa for the entertaining credits. All snapped with "a very simple and cheap Sony compact-camera (Sony DSC-W17)". What they got for a considerable outlay in time, if little in money, is a delightful and inventive romp through a day full of bizarre incident, the guys enjoying themselves as Berd is thrown from one situation to another, in that quick-fire way of stop motion. It must have been fun to make, trailing an occupied bed across city, roof and country, performing conjuring tricks with sausages, clambering out of forest lakes. Throw in a touch of trickery with cut-outs and things, and the sheer excitement of film-making is conveyed to the audience. Graham Coxon and Jens Grötzschel pound out the music that all adds to the fun. "Stephan is at the College of Fine Arts in Hamburg and I am at the Bauhaus University in Weimar." (via The Film & Video Institute) Thanks to Lizzy Hobbs for the recommendation; she thought it complements the review I wrote a few days back on Her Morning Elegance. Great fun.

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