Thursday, 22 October 2009

Michael Sormann "Bunny Situation" (2007)

I need to feature more 3D and today's short is a cracker from Austrian animator Michael Sormann whose movie in his Theme Planet series Bunny Situation (85mb) has the big movie feel but was essentially created by Michael himself using Autodesk Maya. There is more than a modicum of support from composer and fellow countryman, David Brandstätter, whose soundtrack is in keeping with that big movie feel. Two workmen toil with broomsticks on an otherwise high tech, dedicated theme planet. Meanwhile in the top secret laboratory a mad scientist stamps out zombie type workers on his Smart-o-Matic assembly line. A little bunny might well have been squashed but for a malfunction. Cue a swift escape and a madcap chase by scientist and some smart interventions by our two workers, a pig and an elephant. It's all an excuse for harum scarum antics on the vast network of roller coasters and their like in an impressively realised fairground world before the scientist gets to sample his own wares. Michael's vision of a world of attractions is a novel one though I do seem to remember the inhabitants of Star Trek in the early television days visiting such a place albeit as much a product of second rate set and coloured lighting as anything. Theme Planet is a substantial piece with all the charm of Transformers, a genuine humorous streak and a hint of steampunk. One man creates his own world of wonder. Very impressive. The link, by the way, is to a weighty download. The director's website has other viewing possibilities.


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