Monday, 19 October 2009

Ondrej Svadlena "Sanitkasan" (2007)

I’m a bit wary of presenting explanations of films I don’t understand. "Sanitkasan is a stridently contemporary story about the self-destroying mechanical character and pathological voraciousness not only of cyber civilisation but of our society in general. It transgresses extensively the established forms and is an entrance to the true world of animation (Petr Zvonicek) As is the way with the internet, the same words are available on a host of sites masking, rather than clarifying the film. However my own explanation will not be any clearer. Sanitkasan by Czech film-maker Ondrej Svadlena is a 3D romp through the inner universe of what might be blood vessels in which beings are created, fed and exist in obese form watching television and eating pink blancmange stuffed through an orifice unless on a video screen they can discern a rather more tasty lunch, necessitating clambering along intestinal tubes before leaping from tall buildings, through membrane walls and levitating towards the arterial walls that sustains life. Much clearer then. Personally I immersed myself in the sheer weirdness of the world of transparent emergency vehicles on a terrain that could as well be magnified skin as the moon and marvelled at a credit to Michal Barta for Fluids and Jelly. Ondrej has enjoyed a much travelled life in Austria, Canada, Germany and the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Belgium. He then studied for his masters at the Academy of Art, Design and Architecture in Prague where the great Jiri Barta was his tutor. He now works for the city's Avion Film. A digestive treat though I'm choosing an easier film tomorrow.

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