Saturday, 10 October 2009

Virgilio Villoresi "Una Giornata Perfetta" (Vinicio Capossela 2009)

Una Giornata Perfetta (A Perfect Day) is a stop motion/ rotoscope music video for singer Vinicio Capossela. It will appeal to lovers of a good old sing-a-long delivered in relaxed fashion by the bearded singer, who performs his gentle shuffles on a sheet of white paper within a set comprising the bric-√†-brac of a life forty years or so ago. The following list gives a taste of the era being evoked: a “Music for Pleasure” 78 playing on the Zaffiro record player, the Alpha typewriter in similar colours of toned down lime green and cream, gingham patterned tablecloth, leather bound photograph album, polished shoes one might almost smell, hand spray for eau de cologne, lipstick-red hat box, record collections, coffee cups with smiles stuck on, formica coffee tables … and some Russian Doll type men in bowler hats and cocktail stick umbrellas. Not to mention flick books and 3D folding pop-up books. It is a short to bring a gentle smile to your face. All adroitly animated with wit and an absolute grasp of state of the art techniques to make the old time pieces swing. It is all the work of Virgilio Villoresi who seems to have had a lot of influences from experimental cinema to Jan Lenica. And the meaning of the song? "It's a perfect day to walk the streets without haste/ Listening to Vic Damone on the radio..." And Vic Damone? Not certain, but the first of the record covers might just feature him. All cast with the brown hue of tobacco or coffee. Thank you Livia for the recommendation.

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