Saturday, 28 November 2009

Alexis Van der Haeghe "Stilt Walkers" (2006)

A young boy soars through the clouds revelling in the blueness and magic of it all. Below him two giant comedia-del-arte figures on stilts attract his attention and they take more than a passing interest in him. One strikes out as the boy flies too low but their attentions are soon elsewhere in a quarrel over a mysterious box. In the confusion it falls to earth, proving compulsive if unwise viewing for the young aviator. A second gondola in two days, this time an airborne one as the sheer exhilaration of animation as well as a youthful sense of wonder is communicated. Stilt Walkers, a 3D short from Alexis Van der Haeghe, is a graduation project from Belgium’s Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Namur. Seven months' work and an altogether classy contribution from Portuguese composer Pedro Camacho have created a dreamy landscape and fantasy action. The flying contraption is Jules Verne, action courtesy 3D Max. Why limit oneself to earth? A lover of Science Fiction throughout my life, I love these alternative worlds that resonate after the event, or when one wakes up.

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