Thursday, 26 November 2009

Andy Hall (Elastic) Honda Accord Crosstour "Instruments" (2009)

There are not enough hours in the day for me to feature all the things I’m asked to do or wish to do. I do feature ads that appeal. Such is this darling for the Honda Accord Crosstour made by RPA advertising agency, the car that may well replace my aging Honda Tourer. Sadly no money exchanged hands to encourage me to feature the advert Instruments (17mb HQ download via Advertolog or streamed by Santa Monica studio Elastic.) It features a jazz band doing their thing on a strikingly lit stage before their gear fits oh so smoothly into the car. Director Andy Hall uses intense colours, moody shadows and ultra modern angular figures, introducing a retro look with the jazz band themselves together with a remake of that great Peggy Lee classic, Fever.

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car loans said...

Anything that has Peggy Lee's Fever in the background turns into a cool cat. I just hope they use the proper approach though.