Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bruno Bozzetto "Lilliput Series"

In 1980 Bruno Bozzetto made thirteen shorts for Televisione Svizzera Italiana -the Lilliput Put series. The Caterpillar is typical. Caterpillar falls out of door in apple residence when shaking his carpet. The entrance is far higher than the caterpillar can manage to reach so he sets off on a series of ill-judged attempts to gain entry, the most dramatic of which has him dislodging all his furnishings on top of his head. Now ask yourself, how can a hungry caterpillar render a double storey house to single storey? With remorseless logic Bruno has his creation regain his home, introducing a love element in the person of a pink caterpillar. Elsewhere in the series purple ant does battle with red ants over food, dragonfly nymph is far too fond of food to get off the ground and termite on an eternal lookout for tasty properties to chew, constantly thwarted, turns to self build. Essentially all the characters have a similar personality, inviting the viewer into their world, chuckling that gleeful babble that is international and distinctive Bozzetto. Each film lasts for six minutes, commences with the creature revealed in hand drawn, text book fashion and enjoys the same happy music from Franco Godi. The characters are altogether engaging, the comedy inventive, laugh aloud at times, with that wonderful uplifting quality about them that will lighten a dull day and is so quintessentially Bozzetto. I set out to watch a couple and ended up ploughing through most of the series ... which is: The Caterpillar, The Grasshopper, The Mosquito, The Ant, The Worm, The Cricket, The Snail, The Flea, The Ladybird, The Termite, The Bee, The Dragonfly and The Spider. So where to view? Give The Bee a buzz and follow the trail on YouTube or the entire series may be discovered in very iffy quality here. In search of a DVD I visited the great man's shop in vain though I did notice a new DVD set of Mister Rossi I have my eyes on. Bruno as ever is simply magnificent!

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