Monday, 9 November 2009

"Catwalk- Black Cat Crossing" Dennis Beckstein, Patrick Kayser, Marian Sander & Manuel Ritter (2007)

I have featured CGI animation on my blog that is like viewing live action. One marvels at the degree of realism achieved. Take one example – Tyson Ibele's Hemlock, featured here recently where the guy looks as real as you or me. (Except he's a robot!) Philip Hunt's Lost and Found looks for all the world as if, should I be able to sweet talk producers Studio Aka, I could get one of the cuddly penguins to feature on the kid's shelves. Sadly the cute feathered ones are all CGI. Or Quba Michalski's ad for the Turkish edition of the New York Times made out of newsprint. Except it's not. Or those ads by Psyops for UPS Store in which the ocean, wild west or Rome's gladitorial combats are made by craftsmen out of corrugated cardboard. All CGI. So to today's movie made by four students from Hanover's University of Applied Sciences and Arts. It looks as if it is all made by line drawings, paper models and delicate cut-outs. Catwalk – Black Cat Crossing is a sadly rather short tale of an elderly lady who walks through town in front of a fixed camera experiencing mishaps along the way whilst being mercifully unaware of what is occurring around her. It is predictable stuff but nonetheless funny for all that. Man on ladder is definitely going to fall off. Helicopter is going to crash and birds gathering on electricity cable. Well I won't spoil the surprise but it's a shock. As is the hand drawn or 3D models constructed from bona fide paper. Directed by second year students Dennis Beckstein, Patrick Kayser, Marian Sander and Manuel Ritter with a little help from their friends as Benjamin Hühne, Michael Immer and Lars Ehrhardt play a lonely old tune from Lennon and McCartney. Oh, and in case you missed it as I initially did, it's all CGI. Read Marian Sander's account to see how it was achieved.

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