Sunday, 1 November 2009

Irene Fuga & Rafael Sommerhalder "Pica" (2009)

Irene Fuga and Rafael Sommerhalder's Pica is an allegory that moves beyond reality in its exploration of an obsessive love. The opening gives a clue as a series of empty cages are revealed, empty save for a red feather in each. One cage is lowered into view, devoid of feather. We move to a city apartment, empty of colour, minimal of furnishing to match the pared down, heavily stylised drawings. There a young woman seems diffident and bored, her partner as naked as she, though passion seems far from their minds. A further clue is given to meaning in the talon like hands of the woman. When man disappears to be replaced by huge egg and other signs of pregnancy I told myself I understood it all but gasped aloud as the huge bird, released by the woman, returns with its prey, the first of many such gifts utilised in an interesting manner by its mistress. The melancholic and occasionally discordant music of Lucy Ross features the piano of David Malusa and Sisi Feng, together with an urban sound mix from Zhe Wu. I found the four minute short arresting and very stylish. You may remember Rafael from his rather special Flowerpots, featured here in July. Both works were made at the Royal College of Art. Irene, who wrote the screenplay, arrived in the UK from her home city of Venice in 2002, attending various of London's most prestigious universities prior to obtaining her MA at that special finishing school that is the RCA, Pica being her graduation film.

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una casita said...

Amazing drawings, pretty animation!