Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Jérémy Clapin "Good Vibrations" (2009)

We are in the street as a workman drills one of those interminable obstructions the point of which is obscure, the disruption all too obvious. One pavement slab gyrates to the rhythms of the drill causing a danger to pedestrians and a catastrophe for a little bird pecking on the sidewalk. Above the fray an office worker observes the action, soon to be joined by his fellow workers for whom the action serves as hilarious entertainment, dramatic even as bird is crushed. I normally do not include company logos on the blog but in the case of today’s Good Vibrations I shall make an exception. Directed by Jérémy Clapin for the Responsibility Project, the charity project set up by insurers Liberty Mutual, the very funny short illustrates the dangers of street construction and, in keeping with the project’s brief, provides a homily on the need for a shared responsibility. Jérémy is a remarkable director as, way back when I was learning to write, I featured his Une Histoire Vertebrale (A Backbone Tale) , one of the funniest and yet touching movies to be covered here. Good Vibrations has this same mix of humour as we join with the office workers and watch a series of calamities until understanding dawns and other emotions are triggered. Jérémy's 2008 movie Skhizein has already been short-listed for the 2009 Academy Awards. His studio Acme Filmworks is a source of so many good movies, and they have a particularly fine movie here. Liberty Mutual deserves credit for a super campaign and for their good taste in employing animators of this quality.

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