Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Johannes Nyholm “The Tale of Little Puppetboy” (2007)

If you do not already know of Johannes Nyholm's extremely funny The Tale of Little Puppetboy you are in for a treat. Preparing for the arrival of a female visitor our boy scurries around his room transforming chaos into, well, greater chaos. Those crisps placed on a dish for nibbles end up on the floor, dish broken, bits everywhere. So the vacuum is wielded like a lethal weapon, which it very nearly is for someone. Those of us who have ever attempted a quick clean-up will know what all the palaver is about. Everything behind draw fronts or cupboard doors is a mess, visible space is all. Sometimes a comedian takes an audience on a journey that is infectious so that laughter builds up through the act. It is exactly like this here plus a sprinkling of nervous energy as we watch the clock tick away the moments until the visitor arrives with a persistent ring of the bell. Featuring a set that looks improvised right down to its chipboard floor, the plasticine and stop motion works and the puppetboy himself, all sweat and terror, is a triumphant creation. Visit Johannes' website to see more of his films. Today's movie is the first chapter in a Puppetboy series. He has made a longer film version garnering many awards of late. I can see why. You will not see a funnier film all year.

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