Thursday, 19 November 2009

"Le Nouveau" Fanny Dagoumel, Axel Graux, Antony Lacordaire & Gaelle Lefebure (ESMA 2007)

Eugene, the supervisor of Les Joyeux Pinçons, a retirement home for senior citizens, receives a call from his director instructing him to welcome a potential new young employee, Christian. The sting in the tale is that the young man is being earmarked for Eugene’s position seeing as he is himself nearing retirement. Eugene has already seen off a number of applicants and gleefully welcomes the intruder with a series of devilish, cunning plans including taking lunch to Hannibal Lecter, doctoring the cleaning machine and introducing his seemingly naive underling to a killing machine that wants to cuddle him. Le Nouveau (80mb) or via YouTube is a most enjoyable 3D movie with a plot full of surprises and high comedy. It also has a fiendishly clever conclusion in which, in the best detective traditions, the action is unravelled for the public. Nice to see, by the way, a senior citizen so conversant with modern technology, however deviant the usage. Impressive work then from Fanny Dagoumel, Axel Graux, Antony Lacordaire and Gaelle Lefebure. Visit their website for more details and download possibilities. Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (or ESMA) is an institution I have neglected of late.

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