Monday, 16 November 2009

Matthius Hoegg "August" & Sarah Van Den Boom "The Skeleton Woman" (2009 - trailers)

Two trailers today, both of which I have seen in their full form on DVD. August is the work of Royal College of Art student Matthius Hoegg. During the hot, long days of August a group of young people set up camp in a rather well regulated campsite. Well it is until they arrive. The film presents two perspectives. One is that of the ants, following their routines, scavenging between the discarded beer cans that stand like ancient monoliths above their land; then a parallel world of humans, sunbathing, frolicking and drinking. Looking down from above, the designated camping areas look like insect cells. Slickly drawn and animated throughout, the foibles of our world are analysed in a manner I found fascinating; as if one is watching one of those quirky, fly-on-the-wall documentaries that through juxtaposition of material manages to say more about a community than any narrated commentary. Amusing and elucidating, this perspective works in a visual way too: giant cigarette butts or hairy legs seen at ankle height. And alongside, a mystery of the ants, building constructions the purpose for which is unknown to man. A classy, unusual piece of work altogether! Check it out at one of the various international festivals or buy the DVD.
The Skeleton Woman is a movie I have trailed before by that wonderful artist Sarah Van Den Boom. It was premiered at last week’s Leeds Festival and I have now had a chance to see the full movie. As one might imagine it is marvellously drawn thoughout. It tells the story of a young mother whose domestic drudgery and lack of contact with her husband awakens memories and fantasies of a past relationship set against a tragic Inuit legend of a drowned girl. In contrast to Mattias’ film we do have a narrator. The woman’s anguish is laid bare in words with a poetic quality to match the visual depiction. Once again the film is now doing the festival circuit. A haunting treat of a film, the trailer is here.

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