Thursday, 12 November 2009

Oskar De Rycker "Walking the Dog" (2009)

I have a backlog of material I have made notes on. Walking the Dog is one such, a pleasing example of 2D work from Oskar De Rycker, a masters student at Brussel’s De Erasmushogeschool. There is a gentle insouciance in the tale of the dog wagging the owner, a stroll along the pavements taking a vertical direction towards a blue sky. A spot of umbrella flying leads to higher things. The short was entered for last week’s Holland International Film Festival without success in terms of prizes though I like it. The general monochrome, a widening of horizons and a delicate conclusion is very satisfying. Typical is the subtle presentation of the title plus a snatch of jazz at the close.


Michael Sporn said...

Thanks for introducing me to so many fine films. Certainly this is an excellent film giving me hope for the future of 2D.

Ian Lumsden said...

The future for 2D is bright as far this blog goes, Michael. Oskar's film is subtle. I was attracted to it at first viewing. And your comments about the blog are very much appreciated.