Monday, 2 November 2009

Rémy M. Larochelle "The Flood" (Ruse of Fools 2009)

Maybe The Flood is more suitable for Halloween with its dark imagery and monochrome palette. Rémy M. Larochelle’s animated video for Ruse of Fools is boldly drawn. His central character is a March hare who journeys through a maze like world of prison cells, complete with bleeding inmates, long corridors, and surreal landscape where a white horse romps along. Don’t get too attached to matters equestrian as I am wont to say when lovely fluffy things suffer an untimely demise. The hare survives though I could not make an assessment as to its moral compass. I don't know the band but like the track. It certainly engages the imagination of the animator who produces an extended doodle with lots happening without any controlling need for logical connection. I have dreams like this. Lovers of dark stumpy forests and ghastly transformations will ... er love it. This is also the second animation in succession where things are stitched up. Both rather eerie. Rémy hails from Montreal.

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Anonymous said...

Your review is spot on. The band, Ruse of Fools, hails from a small town in the US. Mark Gonzalez is the lead songwriter, singer, guitarist. Lee Dash is the drummer. Ruse of Fools with Remy...a magical combination.