Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sheldon Cohen " I Want a Dog" (2003)

Yesterday I featured a movie the music from which transports one back to a different era. I Want A Dog is an animated short that wants to be a musical. Featuring a well scrubbed, suburban Canada sometime in 1957, Sheldon Cohen’s infectious movie features a young girl whose desperation to have her own dog knows no bounds. Endlessly inventive, totally dedicated to the cause, May sets out to persuade reluctant parents of the need for a pooch. “Lassie Come Home" plays at the Late Night Cinema, hedges are manicured, a roller skate boot is polished up with real wax from a tin and children play securely on the streets with not a predator in sight. The film’s bright, appealing images are a recreation of Dayal Kaur Khalsa’s “I Want a Dog” (1994 Tundra Books) whilst the soundtrack is one to savour - Zander Ary‘s score and doo-wop vocals, Neko Case's stand-out closing song and a doggie chorus for Johann Strauss’s “Waltz of the Blue Danube”. Marnie McPhail narrates a charmer of a short for children of all ages. The National Film Board of Canada commissions some rare movies. Be warned, the Neko Case song lingers in the head.

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Tracey M. said...

Do you know of any place that soundtrack is available? I've been scouring the internet and found your post here ... but can't seem to find these songs anywhere in mp3 form or otherwise .... would love to download them!