Thursday, 3 December 2009

Agata Gorzadek "The Episode" (2007)

Incarcerated in a nameless psychiatric hospital an inmate is joined in his cell by a series of pink visitors, birds that embrace him, soothing his schizophrenia. The Episode (Epizod) from Polish director Agata Gorządek is a 2D movie that will certainly make an impact. The patient’s treatment seems brutal in comparison to his illness, the pinkness replaced by harsh grey realism as he is wheeled into the operating theatre. When we team up with him again he is a grey man. I say impact because the six minute film makes one question the treatment of mental illness. It is not a sin to be different to everyone else, to be harmless or happy. The interventions of the sane! I laughed aloud once in a movie that only threatens to be gloomy. The moment occurs as darker visitors gather to keep the man company and an old friend returns with impeccable timing though perhaps the professionals might not be so pleased. The music of Richard Parczewski completes a revealing, well made short, part financed by the Polish Film Institute.

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