Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Katy Milner "Mervyn" (2002)

Those of you who enjoy light-hearted frolics will revel in Katy Milner’s Mervyn particularly if you are able to tolerate cat throwing competitions. Katy’s hero is ten years old, believes in Russian spies though his dastardly adversary turns out to be a very English villain, Alan Key. The problem is Maximus the champion cat. He is such a champion and very much in demand. Don’t worry. Maximus is hurled to the rafters and lives to purr again. Bold and colourful in its depiction, the short is a kid’s adventure, escapist and an invitation to the imaginary world of childhood, lighting up a dark winter's day. This adult enjoyed it. Having studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University Katy progressed to the Royal College of Art. She directed Mervyn for Channel Four TV in 2002. I have a collection of C4 films to write about in future months.

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