Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Lindsey Olivares "Anchored" (2009)

Anchored is the thesis film of Ringling College of Art and Design graduate Lindsey Olivares. I do love to see a natural artist at work particularly when a spectacularly appropriate track ("Happy Ending" by Mika) is used in support. Lindsey says in her blog that she wanted to create a feel good movie .. well she does in spades. Guy in boat adrift on the high seas with only a typewriter for company sends off origami messages, in lieu of a bottle, that are picked up by lonely woman on shore who sends them back. Charmingly, Lindsey weaves the messages into the animation, words delivered letter by letter, floating in the sea or air, borne in origami white swans until they form a magic rope of love. I know theme and content are unashamedly romantic but even my hardened soul is charmed. From the opening frames as the typewriter churns out its words and we witness the Japanese sailor with black, pleated hair, the short reeks class. Her choice of colour, delightfully drawn characters, typography and even the crafted structure of it all has not gone unnoticed. At the SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 Computer Animation Festival award ceremony on 17 December 2009 Lindsey will receive the Best of Show Award. Lindsey's blog and website testify to her distinctive qualities as an artist. I marvelled at the preliminary sketches for a typewriter, boats, traditional costume. Not unnaturally Lindsey has been snapped up by Dreamworks as a visual development artist. Have a look, by the way, at her sister's blog, Brooke Olivares Illustration, for further impressive art from a most talented family.

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