Friday, 18 December 2009

Michael Visser/NMTrix "The Dark " (2009)

Strange bedroom, nervous sleeper, noises off. The Dark is a debut short for Dutch studio NMTrix. The 3D piece is extremely well made in a technical sense whilst the rolling eyes of the nervous would-be sleeper, sudden loss of power and reliance on flash light keeps one interested in terms of character and plot. Night terrors make for good drama and here the suspense, tempered by humour, sustains interest until the terrifying conclusion. Now I have to confess the bedroom does not match the classic haunted house on the hill exterior witnessed in the opening moments, this being if anything an adolescent's bedroom, but it goes to show how terror can strike in the most unlikely places. Whatever, a burst of Perry Como can alleviate any horrors of the night. And don't monsters have big teeth. As a means of showcasing the talents of the commercial studio, a good short like this works wonders.


One23 said...

Thank you for the compliments. This will surely stimulate's us to create more shorts. We are quite suprised by seeing the number of views on theis animation. We already reached 12500 views in roughly 50 hours.

All the best with your blog, we will keep an eye on it for sure!

Best regards,

Patrick Nijman

Ian Lumsden said...

A funny movie and excellent production values. Keep in touch Patrick.