Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Phil Joanou "United States Air Force - Csar" (2009)

Where does CGI stop and live action begin? With a tag line “It’s not science fiction”, the United States Air Force leap into action in Csar, a recruitment ad. Live action if not reality as I understand it though the ad is very well directed by Phil Joanou for GSD&M Idea City – click on link for full credits. Based in Austin, Texas, the advertising agency is proud to defend America by convincing young men and women to join the armed forces. Back to the original question. I reckon it's when the two parachutists land. "It's what we do every day."

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Anonymous said...

Actually, other than the "goggle sensors" everything in the video is a real capability. The CV-22 doesn't actually do CSAR, that is the HH-60 mission, but PJ's airdropping into very dangerous situations, HH-60s providing close air support and recovering the PJs and survivors, all of that happens in the worst conditions imagineable in Afghanistan every day. So far, since 9/11, we've rescued about 4000 American and others. Obviously, some of those are much more routine, but many are under fire and way more difficult than portrayed here. So, overall, yeah, this is what we do everyday.

USAF CSAR Commander