Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Review of 2009: December

And finally, December's highlights..... Nexus' Trust Dave saved energy for Britain, entertaining as it did so. The Greenpeace promotional video for Greece was arty enough but Anchored surpassed it with considerable aplomb, Lindsey Olivares a name to remember for the future as she assuredly brought the sailor back home. Agata Gorządek's The Episode was memorable too in its fascinating depiction of mental illness with a deft, comic touch. Plastic Horse's music video What Do They Know made me want to get the camera out this winter and attempt a spot of stop motion. Bit cold at the moment though. David O'Reilly’s Please Say Something was decidedly not your typical animation yet made its mark with a tale of matrimonial difficulty. Ilias Sounas offered happiness in a rainbow with his Happy Cloud. The humour of Amylase from Henning Thomas and Björn Verloh was of a different nature, less sunny, darker as our man loses his face. The Little Drummer Boy, Bob Dylan and Jeff Scher encapsulated family life at its best. Kristian Andrews projected a harsher portrait of childhood or, more accurately, adolescence, in the very powerful Rabbit Punch. Posthaste was a splendid cartoon cops and robbers romp in the traditional style from Robert Zywietz. Milovan Circus from Gerlando Infuso infused me with enthusiasm for puppetry, Monica Gallab’s Nice Day For A Picnic lost me in a surreal loop, Katy Milner’s Mervyn amused and The Man with the Beautiful Eyes from Jonathan Hodgson had me questioning just how many films I could squeeze into my top ten movies at the turn of the year, so fine and varied was the drawn animation of a complex poem. The Dark reminded me of those nights as a boy sleeping in the attic of our new house, the only one in the family to do so. Not that I was ever scared, mind you! Nice comic debut for NMTrix. Rodrigo Blaas's Alma terrified all right. Dolls (or children) can be such frightening demons. Today's The Little Story is a pleasing antidote to all that is sugar at Christmas. From these and eleven months like them I shall attempt to select the movies I most enjoyed in the year.

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