Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Review of 2009: February

Vera Myakisheva is young Russian animator with a most distinctive perspective as Stock Farm revealed. John McCloskey showed Irish animation in a silvery light with his Loocy Moon. Stay in My Memory obtained a host of YouTube views for young British director, Katy Davis, whose set for the music video for Bim was absolutely remarkable. Konstantin Bronzit made me wonder who the lucky guy was in the very comic Lavatory Lovestory whilst I compared Oscar winner La Maison en Petits Cubes in the same breath as Father and Daughter, no small feat for Kunio Katô whose lack of English was lampooned on YouTube by people without the wit to appreciate his work. Tobias Stretch also has an eccentric greatness I think. His music video Spider typifies his work. I have two more of his videos to write about in the next few days. I love the colour and spectacle of Tyger from Guilherme Marcondes and his ad for British Gas is still appearing in various forms on UK television. Bent Image Lab contributed an itchy ad in HP Flea Circus, a very high quality affair. Special Glue and Other Stories is from young British director Andy Sykes who has hit on a winning formula. Meet Me in the Middle is only superficially nice and don’t visit the fairground as George Mellor and Hugh Frost reveal their dark side. Class will out and Windy Day and The Hole from John and Faith Hubley are innovative more than forty years (or nearly fifty!) after they was made; as is Jeffrey Paul’s Valentine’s Day “I love you” via Love Letters. Jeff Scher also says “I love you” charmingly in Tulips. It’s a romantic time because Carlos Lascano offers A Short Love Story in Stop Motion, a workaday title for a lovely piece. And ah ... Gustavus an absolute treat of a 1960s and ‘70s comedy series from Polish director Jozsef Nepp and others, Jozsef being mentioned as I have just written a review of another film by him. I also featured his Tale About a Beetle. At the beginning of the month I introduced Animation Blog readers to Julian Grey, a man with the humorous touch indeed.

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