Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Review of 2009: January

So Much For So Little is a classic short promoting public health. No Chuck Jones movie is only average and it was much better than that. Rebecca Manley’s classy ads made me yearn for coffee and chocolate. Joanna Quinn is British animation at its best. Her Dreams and Desires: Family Ties is very, very funny. Piggy in the Middle has a most unusual technique and I still have to post on another Katy Milner film, Mervyn, this week. Ishu Patel's The Bead Game translates the history of the planet into a few colourful beads. Another giant of the genre Paul Fierlinger made a contribution to Sesame Street with his The Alphabet Song but it was the very quirky Rainbowland that most lingers. I loved Yoann Lemoine’s The Balloon because it informs me what happens to the things when they fly from my hand, an important consideration when compiling the year's top ten movies on the blog. Max Hattler is an intelligent animator whose focus on the skin Drift made the stuff strangely attractive. I should be running out of classic directors but they keep coming: Cordell Barker is represented by his The Cat Came Back ... and back and back. One can’t keep a Gobelins movie out of it. California Love was not my favourite from the French school but the standards are always maintained. Humour is represented in a classic Switchcraft from Konstantin Bronzit. I so liked the approach of Alan Rogers and Peter Lang that I employed the latter in my school. A good man. Their Sunflower is a fine example of children's animation. Borge Ring is a master I have grown to respect for his wisdom and lively correspondence. Run of the Mill provides a salutary lesson in drugs education. Lighthouse from Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made us all feel good. Finally, and I know it's back to front but it's easier that way, to kick off the year I featured a splendid music video, Hey, for Eastliz, director Ben Shetrit using great CGI effects for his toad. Will any of the above find their way into my top ten? (If the links are down my apologies but they worked when I wrote the reviews.)

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