Sunday, 13 December 2009

Review of the Year: June

David Gilbert and Maxim Lucas contributed a cardboard cut-out music video Three Times that I liked but in truth not so much as The Box from Fred Wolf. A slight piece for an 1968 Oscar but very enjoyable in its under-cooked way. It has dated in style more than most. The Soliloquist by the young director Ma Kuang Pei was a very moving study in loneliness in a delicate watercolour. Julia Vickerman was not so downbeat about relationships with her Dealing With Women. Very funny. The Yellow Bird told of one young man desperate to escape the call of arms. Tom Schroeder is a major animator from Minnesota. Alok Gandhi is a representative of the Vancouver Film School, his Fiko's Coffee hit the spot. Or rather stripes in Lucinda Clutterbuck's sad, colourful story of the last Tasmanian Tiger on earth - Tiga. It was a dog. Grapevine Fires from Christopher Louie and Bill Barminski was also based on a real event, the death of a young woman in a real forest fire. Titanic was a real tragedy too, Lucie Stamfestova moving from clay to Flash. Exaggerated humour from Gobelins students and they never fail, unlike Le Building. A droite en entrant dans la 4ème dimension was another sterling work from the French school. Bruno Bozzetto's fabulous Bolero stands comparison with anything produced in animation ever. Watch the procession through life. Or perhaps you prefer it in a tin. Bruno's A Life in a Tin is much funnier. Marta Macková was guest reviewer and contributed Red Rabbit from Egmont Mayer, a well made film with emotional impact. Theodore Ushev is one of the cleverest animators alive, or maybe just in Canada. Drux Flux deals with man's place in an industrial society. A bravura performance and the finest artistic technique. Canada did I say? Artistic? Technique? The Song-Catcher by Philippe Vaucher is a masterly treatment of loss. Perfect music to add to a cheerful graduation movie from Celia Bullwinkel - The Rammellzee Three if you like rats and pigeons. Not mentioned Supinfocom for a while so investigate UFOs with Scoop Volante. The Beatles: Rock Band was one heck of a trailer for a game. I marvel at the way in which skilled directors use animation to enlighten us on serious subjects. Try A is for Autism from Tim Webb. I purchased a DVD for school use. Candy Guard is special, her wit and eye for humour very evident in Fatty Issues, another serious subject and a joy to laugh at. Gitanjali Rao has a rare eye for colour all right, her Orange oh so stylish and Monika Forsberg's His Passionate Bride was racy and therefore great fun.

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