Saturday, 12 December 2009

Robert Zywietz "Posthaste" (2006)

There is something refreshingly old-fashioned about Posthaste, Robert Zywietz's endearing saga of a postman caught up in a scam to steal a ruby with a seeming mind of its own. It is one of those dramas where one sets the ball, or rather ruby, running, and follow on swiftly behind. In best Keystone Cops style the boys in blue chase the hoodlums who aren't overly well endowed with the grey matter. In fact one does not see films of this sort often, Rob possessing the traditional cartoonist's skills to sustain pace and plot. Naturally there are holes in the road into which cars fall. The ruby shoots into the air and guess who is underneath it. Lucky there's a little old lady there somewhere to further the action. Script by Niki Rooney, voices by Gavin Paul and music by Paul Harrison. The ruby keeps bouncing right to the end of the credits. Rob studied Animation at the Edinburgh College of Art. They taught him well. To show his versatility take a look at his latest short, in trailer form, Fields of Vision.

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