Monday, 21 December 2009

Rodrigo Blaas "Alma" (2009)

Vimeo's HD channel is featuring Rodrigo Blaas's Alma by a special arrangement with the studio. There used to be a tradition on the BBC here in the UK of a ghost story over Christmas. Alma is not it but do not be seduced by the seasonal opening as the young boy skips through the snow in a provincial town in which he discovers a magnificent toy shop, notable for a timber framed front window that looks for all the world as if it has grown from the pavement, so curved and organic is the woodwork. But in the window is a doll that is identical to the boy. No-one seems around and the door to the shop is stubbornly shut. When the door mysteriously opens a world of beautiful life-like dolls is revealed in 3D so sharp, one could just take one of the dolls home to the kids, except you wouldn't. The mystery of the shop was not in doubt for one moment but such is the atmosphere generated by this superb short that a tingle does creep down the spine. Originally from Spain and now working in the USA, Alma is Rodrigo's first short as a director. The full list of credits for a team effort is available via the website link above.